Same Sex Wedding at Red Barn Gardens (Styled Shoot)

I had the lovely opportunity to put together a simple styled shoot at a brand new wedding venue. This is a gay-friendly, LGBTQ, same sex wedding styled shoot, because why not! Vermont has so many amazing locations for a wedding, so my goal was something “wow”-worthy and accessible to many budgets: a flower nursery! Filled with flowers everywhere: in the garden, around the apple orchards, hanging from the ceiling; this dramatic backdrop is so gorgeous and best yet, flowers already come with the place! The venue doubles as a nursery and flower farm, so you have to do very little to make your wedding look beautiful. The brides’ hair and make up is romantic, soft, and natural, allowing the gorgeous backdrop of the colorful flowers to do all the talking. They are wearing gorgeous gowns with lace and beading details that mimic the abundance of flowers surrounding them.

bride standing among colorful flowers wedding vt
fiori bridal low back beaded romantic wedding dress

The amazing gowns and hair accessory were provided by Fiori Bridal.

long hair soft wedding curls
Soft and romantic hair styles by Finishing Touch VT

blonde hair soft romantic updo vermont wedding hair style

Classic and beautifully natural make up by Jennifer Perellie Makeup

two brides hold hands in field of flowers
gay wedding brides sunset romantic wedding photography vt

Love is love. Above models Sarah Elliott (left) and Danielle Larose (right)

flower nursery creative cheap wedding venue vermont
candid relaxed colorful wedding photography vt
bride sitting among fields of flowers
red barn gardens wedding in a greenhouse vt
vintage franciscanware dishes vermont decor

Vintage Franciscanware dishes graciously provided by the venue owner at Red Barn Gardens

unique beautiful wedding location vt
pretty barn wedding venue vt

and with all the gorgeous colors, I feel it’s right to conclude with one amazing black and white:

lesbian brides romantic embrace

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