Purple and Peach Essex Resort and Spa Wedding

“Your ring shots. The ones with flowers. I love those photos and I can’t wait to see mine!”

Me: (mental gulp)

As a wedding photographer, sometimes it can be tough to take a unique and creative photo of common items one sees at every wedding. How is this make up application photo going to be different, how can I incorporate the reception decor during a first dance, or how can I make this ring photo spectacular? Bonus points if it involves emotions and candid moments.

But you know what?

This is one of my favorite parts of wedding photography! The challenge to find something unique in the traditional; the thrill of surprising the viewer with a creative way to capture something most of us have witnessed many times before. With Tanya and Khoang’s Essex Resort and Spa wedding, I had so much fun trying to fulfill this artistic challenge during every part of the wedding day, and I got some of my favorite photos ever!

First thing’s first: Tanya’s ring shot. Balancing rings on flowers is a fun and cuss-worthy adventure, but for this shot I decided to try something very different: put them inside. I love it!

macro wedding ring shot vt

blue and white diamond ring shot inside purple flower

Tanya’s bridesmaids put together a “best wishes” wedding scrapbook for her as a surprise. Various family and friends sent in photos and notes for the couple, and the groom ended the book with his own special letter to his bride.

candid getting ready make up vermont hotel reflection of bride getting ready in colorful picture frame

I shot through a gap between water glasses to create this cool blurry effect. Besides adding a creative element, they are practical: they’re covering up some of the distracting parts of the hotel room and helping your eyes focus on the bride.

bride finishing touches getting ready

Love, love, love candid moments like these. I can still hear Tanya squealing when she saw herself in the mirror!

And her touching her necklace with pursed lips? Such an honest moment of a nervous bride anxiously preparing to see her groom.

first look at essex resort and spa gazebo vermont Essex Resort and Spa Spring Wedding VT_0006.jpg

Khoang was SO excited to see his bride that we had to put the groomsmen on guard duty! They made sure he didn’t sneak a peak.

bride and groom kiss inside white gazebo essex vt Essex Resort and Spa Spring Wedding VT_0008.jpg

purple and peach flower wedding centerpiece with blue accents hotel wedding vt

arge trees flank wedding ceremony

Role swap: I’m not sure what happened, but the ring bearers ended up tossing the flower petals! Love that they had fun with it.

candid bride and groom laughing during portraits bride and groom formal portrait

bride and groom formal portrait

blue and white lanterns hang from high ceilings during first dance

funny wedding reception dancing by guests

twilight photo of essex resort and spa vermont

moon shines over essex resort and spa night photo

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